Everwing Cheats – Generate Unlimited Coins and Trophies Untapped Tricks Revealed – 2017 Messenger App

I know Some Of you played Everwing Right? its so Addictive. but there are many players out there that you see Getting tons of Coins and trophies but you Dont Know How They do it Right? Now, Im Telling You This. you might be surprised or happy to get the Result When you Run Our Generator To your Evewing Account.


Because when you use our Everwing  Resources Generator, You will be able to do :

  • Get Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Trophy.
  • Gain an advantage within the game.
  • Regular script updates.
  • Tested and undetectable.
  • No download needed.
  • 24/7 online access.
  • Easy To Use
  • Clean and Simple Interface

get all the resources you want with the Everwing cheat tool

So, what is this site all about? Our developer team has been working hard to provide a Everwing cheat tool that works and well now the waiting time is finally over. Our team made a cheat tool for Everwingthat makes it possible to get unlimited amounts of Coins, Eggs, Trophies and now its finally ready. Hacking resources has never been this easy and with this tool it’s even possible for free the only thing you must do to get the generator working is to enter your information and start the hack and that’s it! It’s very easy to use and you don’t need a root or jailbreak for it. You can use this Everwing Hack repeatedly at no cost. The developer team has even decided to make the generator download free as we hold to the fact that our users should NOT download any media that may contain traces of viruses or malware so don’t worry about getting any virus that could harm your computer this cheat is 100% legit so what are you waiting for go ahead and hack your own resources no! We hope you enjoy this cheat tool and make sure to share it with your friends

How to hack – User Instructions

Enter your facebook id in the hack tool above Choose your device Now choose how many resources “Coins, Eggs, Trophies ” you want to hack. Now Tap The generate now button and click yes Wait for a few seconds while it is processing. Complete Verification Check – Enjoy unlimited resources. After completion of verification, close the hack tool and open your game, and enjoy your free EverWing resources. Enjoy Playing Your EverWing game and do share our cheat tool with your friends

About EverWing

EverWing is a scrolling-shooter-RPG set in a high-fantasy world at war. Released in November of 2016 on Instant Games for Facebook and Messenger, EverWing was very well received, named one of Facebook’s 2016 Instant Games of the Year. The game is built with HTML5 technology using the Game Closure devkit, and can be played instantly on iOS, Android, and desktop browsers through Facebook or Messenger, without ever visiting an app store. Gameplay Guardians There are 6 playable characters, referred to as Guardians, which can be unlocked by spending coins earned from playing the game. Each Guardian can be upgraded with coins; each level unlocks new bullet patterns and increases damage. The maximum level for Guardians is 50. Alice Alice Alice, Guardian of Courage This is the default character No special powers Fiona, Guardian of Dragons Unlocks at Player Level 3 Costs 12,000 coins Sidekicks earn 2x XP from games and completed quests Sophia, Guardian of Adventure Unlocks at Player Level 3 Costs 12,000 coins Completes quests in half the time Lily, Guardian of Fortune Unlocks at Player Level 6 Costs 30,000 coins Earns 2x coins from games and completed quests Aurora, Guardian of Nature Unlocks at Player Level 19 Costs 150,000 coins Attracts falling coins and items from afar with a permanent magnet effect Lenore, Guardian of TwilightLenore Lenore Unlocks at Player Level 25 Costs 150,000 coins Returns as a ghost after first death, essentially has 2 lives Sidekicks (Dragons) Players can equip up to two sidekicks, or dragons, to fly alongside their Guardian during battle. They can be hatched from eggs in exchange for coins. Sidekicks fire bullets and have special powers that affect gameplay. They earn XP from games and completed quests, and can evolve through three tiers: Mara Mara Baby (max level 10) Adult (max level 20) Legend (max level 30) Quests Quests are simulated game rounds that take varying amounts of time in exchange for varying rewards. Guardians sent on quests cannot be used until they return. Players can also send sidekicks to increase the overall rewards.


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