Fallout Shelter Hack and Cheats Online – Unlimited Lunchboxes , Bottle Caps And More

Fallout Shelter Hack & Cheats

Hi, I am so happy that Fallout Shelter was released recently during the E3 conference, because it’s simply an awesome game that millions of people all around the world are currently enjoying. Since many of you have requested it, we developed a Fallout Shelter Hack Tool for you that is available to use since today. This tool is exactly what you were looking for and it has all the features you would expect from a Fallout Shelter Cheat. The most exciting part is that this is a whole new generation of mobile hacks where there is no requirement to download or install any extra software or apps, you will only need to visit the official website of our online hack tool. That is where you will apply the cheats to your game, without downloading anything!


The button above will take you to a different page where the online Fallout Shelter Hack is placed and that is where you can use it. If you want to find out more about it, check the informations below. We have also included step-by-step instructions on how to use this hack, it’s a bit different for people who are doing it on their computers and a bit different for those of you who are currently browsing this on your phones or tablets. But in both scenarios, it’s really simple to apply the Fallout Shelter Cheats yourself!



Features Included In The Fallout Shelter Hack

  • Unlimited lunch boxes generator
  • Unlimited Caps Generator
  • Double XP
  • Works on all platforms
  • No download required, works fully online in your browser
  • 100% safe

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Use Our Fallout Shelter Cheats

  1. Visit the online Fallout Shelter Hack Tool page using the green button above.
  2. Confirm whether you are browsing the website from your computer, Android device or iOs device.
  3. If you’re on your computer then you will need to connect your mobile device to it using a cable. Do it now. If you are browsing from your Android/iOs device – ignore this step.
  4. Now choose how many lunch boxes and caps you would like to add. Optionally you can also get Double XP if you want.
  5. Click on the ‘Generate’ button and follow the instructions on your screen.

We created this Fallout Shelter Hack simply because we are gamers just like you and some games are simply too hard, or you just don’t have enough time to spend on them and it makes you too weak and when you lose all the time, the game isn’t obviously as enjoyable. The ‘solution’ to this is obviously micropayments that are included in all mobile games these days simply because people spend a lot of money on them so that they can unfairly gain advantage in the game. Our cheats allow you to do the same thing, except you don’t have to pay for them. It should save you a lot of money, especially since there are people who are able to spend hundreds of dollars DAILY on mobile games. If you use stuff such as the Fallout Shelter Cheats mentioned above, you can save a lot of money and time… And it will also make your experience of playing the game more enjoyable.


As you might already know by now, another awesome thing about using our Fallout Shelter Hack is that there is very safe for you. You might have seen some other cheats for this game that required you to download .exe or .apk files. Every kid on the internet knows that when you download something, your computer or even phone can get infected with a virus. That is why you should never download any software when you are looking for cheats for anygame, not just Fallout Shelter. It’s because hackers often use these type of niches to target people and spread viruses using fake hacks. Our hack tool is different since you don’t have to download anything in order to use and all you need is access to the internet and and internet browser which you obviously have since you are using it to read this text. This is pretty much all you need to know to be able to Hack Fallout Shelter right now and get some free lunchboxes for yourself! So enjoy and have fun. Make sure to leave us a comment if you need anything, if you want to leave your feedback about our tool, if you have any suggestions about what games should we develop tools for next then also let us know about that!

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