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The FIFA series has turned out to be one of the most successful football simulation games ever. Aside from the realistic graphics and controls of the most recent releases, these games have massive followings that make multiplayer experience a blast. With the advent of FIFA 16, many users are looking forward to have another unparalleled virtual football experience on almost all gaming platforms available. However, there is one thing that does not change: the concept of buying and using coins to succeed in-game.

Being a “build-your-dream-team” style of game, FIFA 16 is essentially pay-to-win. The only things that FIFA 16 coins cannot buy are match wins, but they can make them come much easier. What’s more, the game has engineered a unique virtual economy, where the prices of coins greatly depend on several factors such as the site you are buying them from, the gaming platform, the payment method, and the time of the year, among others. But why would you be paying real-world money for virtual success? With this innovative FIFA 16 Coin Generator, you don’t need to shell out your hard-earned cash to create your football dream team!

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Not Like Other Generators

Let’s face it – there is no shortage of sites claiming to give Free FIFA 16 Coins. The problem is that most of these are pure scams, and worse, can even endanger your account! For example, a good percentage of these false hacks ask you to download a certain file (commonly in .EXE format) for installation on your PC. This is dangerous on two fronts: first, it can contain viruses, malware, and other malicious software that can fish out private and sensitive information from your computer. Second, accounts using these generators can be traced back to your FIFA account, banning you from the game and bricking all the hard work you’ve done. And of course, .EXE files only work with Windows PCs; there’s no love for those who subsist on consoles or mobile devices.

For those whose game is on their Android or iOS, there is another type of hack that installs a cracked version of the APK on your mobile device. Installing these would require turning off the device’s built-in protection against untrustworthy applications, and this leaves the cracked app free to plant malware or peruse the files on your device. Then again, a single update can waste your time by nullifying any workarounds the developer used—or worse, by banning you from playing altogether.

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And then there’s the third variety, those that give Free FIFA 16 coins through an online tool. While these have lower chances of infecting your computer through malicious software, most of these fake services require typing a password as a prerequisite of the hack. This password can then be collected by whoever is on the other end of the tool, endangering the privacy of your account. There might now be another reason the tool is called a FIFA 16 hack. Or, if these sites do not directly try to get your password, they can redirect you to “partners” that ask you to do surveys (or other tasks) as a form of “payment” for the coins. Depending on the scheme, any of these other sites may ask you to do things that can inflict the above-mentioned damage to your device or account (i.e., downloading a different game, filling out information, watching a video that keeps asking you to download it, etc.).

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The Best—and only—Alternative

But there is the fourth variety, the FIFA 16 Coin Generator that not only works but also promotes the protection of your account! This is a very simple online tool where you just have to input your FIFA 16 username, and then the platform you are playing on. Then, choose how much coins and points you wish to put in your account. Click the generate button, and voila! The hack just works! Three fields, a minute to fill them out, and an unlimited FIFA 16 horizon will greet you! No surveys to waste your time. In just a minute or two, the key to football domination will be in your hands.

The FIFA 16 Hack works on all supported PlayStations, the Xbox One and the Xbox 360, Windows PCs, and Android or iOS mobile devices. It can also be accessed as long as you have an Internet connection (if you are reading this article, you can jump over to the FIFA 16 Coin Generator in a jiffy). This makes the tool extremely handy and easy to use. No downloading means no virus, and no special prerequisites like jailbreaking (for iOS) or rooting (for Android) makes this accessible to everyone, every time.

Who is behind this tool?

The entire tool was created to meet three specific parameters: simplicity, effectivity, and safety. The code that runs it is developed by dedicated programmers who refuse to dance the pay-to-win jig, envisioning a boundless FIFA 16 that can be enjoyed by anyone for free! The latest programming techniques make the software reliable, significantly reducing the downtime and completely eliminating the chance that your FIFA account will be harmed in any way.

The FIFA 16 Hack is also updated regularly to ensure that everyone will experience the best service from the tool. You can get an unlimited number of coins to buy as much card packs or players from the market as you wish! The servers are very stable, and is shielded to make sure that your usage of the site will be completely undetected.

You Know You Want It

So what are you waiting for? It is completely pointless to take out your wallet just to pay for a virtual copy of Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. With this FIFA 16 Coin Generator, you will be able to live your dreams and crush any opposition, setting the goals on fire! Put all the star players in one team, train them to their peak performance, and get ready to own the world that is FIFA football!

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