Super Mario Run Hacks Cheats – Works for Android and iOS

Is this a real Super Mario Run hack?

Yes! Our team have spent several hours playing this game and trying to find all the loopholes. Once we found the loopholes, it was simply a matter of exploiting them and coding everything into an easy to use online hack tool. The finished result: a very simple to use Super Mario Run hack. Click the button below to start.



How do I use this Super Mario Run hack?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click any of the buttons above to load the Super Mario Run hack
  2. Once it has loaded, follow the instructions you see..
  3. Now you need to wait for our hack tool to begin processing.. this can take around 30 seconds
  4. Once the hack tool has finished processing, your hack will begin to finalize
  5. You will then receive a notification letting you know the hack has been successfully completed
  6. Log into your Super Mario Run account and start playing!

Wait.. what is Super Mario Run?



There is no denying that Pokémon GO was an enormous success for Nintendo. The game, in just a few short weeks, made more money than any other mobile game that came before it. It was only a matter of time before they announced their next game for mobile platforms. This time, it comes in the form of the most popular game franchise in the world: Mario.

Unusually, the game was announced at the Apple conference dealing with the release of the iPhone 7. As you can probably guess, this means that at the start, the game will be exclusive to iOS. Nintendo have since confirmed that the game will also be released for mobile platforms at a later date.

This game is called Super Mario Run (duh.. or else you wouldn’t be on our site looking for a working Super Mario Run hack). It is designed as a ‘runner’ game which you can play with just one hand. This means that the character will automatically be moving in the game, you just need to move it up and down to defeat enemies and collect points. This is not an endless runner game like the famous Temple Run or anything like that. This game is going to have traditional levels, just like the normal 2D Mario games.




Other than this, very little is known about the gameplay in Super Mario Run. We know that you have to tap the screen to jump over obstacles. The type of tap that you carry out on the screen will dictate the way in which Mario jumps. The traditional Mario enemies and bonuses will be there. This means Mushrooms, Coins etc.

There are actually three different game modes that you can enjoy in Super Mario Run:

  • The standard mode. This is where you will be running across the screen, trying to collect as many coins as possible before the end of the stage.
  • A mode where you can compete with your friends to complete a course. In this, your goal is to impress Toad (the little mushroom fella). This means collecting coins, defeating enemies, doing stylish jumps. Of course, you will also be trying to complete the level far quicker than your friends are.
  • Mushroom Kingdom: in this mode, you are just going to be creating something known as ‘Mushroom Kingdom’, although we know little about this now as nothing was shown during the iOS press conference. It is likely that this mode is going to be your standard ‘builder game’ where you create a small village. You will probably be able to share your creations with your friends and family.

Does Super Mario Run have the potential to be as big as Pokémon GO? Well, it is hard to tell right now. It is worth noting that the game was originally announced as being a ‘paid game’ for mobile devices. At some point, Nintendo have changed their mind. It will now be a free to play game. This means that the game will be free to download, with some of the features being available right at the start, but to get the full content of the game you will need to deal with micro transactions and the like. It is unknown what these micro transactions will involve. It is likely that they will be related to the Mushroom Kingdom feature of the game, although your guess is going to be as good as mine on this one.

One thing that is really slated to be big in the Super Mario Run game is the competitive feature. People love competing against their friends on levels. They want to know that they are the best. The levels that are going to come in this competitive mode will be different to the standard levels. This means that you are going to get a lot of content in the game ‘right out of the box’. There are some indications that more of these levels will be released for the game as time goes on.



One of the biggest deals for Nintendo was the fact that the game can be played with one hand. This actually caused a great deal of anger among some Nintendo enthusiasts, many of whom wanted a fully fledged Mario game on a mobile device (never going to happen!). However, as you may well know, Nintendo have always been at the forefront of game control. They were the pioneers of the game controller, for starters. They also had motion control with the Nintendo Wii, something which other consoles have incorporated into their games. As a result, you can expect that this game is going to control incredibly well. It is going to be a fun game. It is Mario. Nintendo have not really let gamers down yet. After all, they are one of only a few companies which will pour a lot of work into their games. They will never release until they are ready. 

So, why are Nintendo releasing Super Mario Run? Well, for starters, they are a company and they want to make as much money as possible. There is no denying that any game from famous Nintendo properties will make money. That much is a given- However, they have a different motive. The idea of releasing Super Mario Run is to drive people to their standard platforms. This means the upcoming Nintendo NX and the current Nintendo 3DS and 2DS platforms. That has always been the goal with Nintendo games on mobile devices, of which they are planning to release a few. With the huge boost in sales to Nintendo devices that Pokémon GO bought, it will be interesting to see the boost that Super Mario Run is going to bring. 

Super Mario Run will be released from iOS in December. It will follow on the Android operating system in 2017, although no date for that has been confirmed at the time of writing. Remember, this is only the second game that Nintendo have released for mobile devices. They have a lot more in the pipeline, with a game based around the Animal Crossing universe scheduled to be the next one. Until then, make sure you use our easy to use Super Mario Run hack to boost your scores and points!



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